Campster CamperVan
Campster Van Seitenansicht

Technical data and prices


Campster Front
Height1,96 - 1,99 m*
Width1,92 m
Length4,95 m
Weight2.600 - 3.100 kg*
Payload500 - 800 kg
Seatsup to7
Sleeping Spaceup to 4
Campster Grundriss
Campster - der Campingbus


Technical data and prices

Campster Cockpit

Technology to help you on long journeys.

Campster RĂĽckfahrkamera

Functions that make your routine easier.

Campster Cockpit

The cockpit is clear and neat.


Pössl Campster 120 PS

Campster 120 PS

Pössl Campster 150 Ps

Campster 150 PS

Pössl Campster 180 PS

Campster 180 PS